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There are countless compliments from our patients for treatment of various health problems .  Following are some written comments from the patients.  

Chinese Medicine for weight loss

I am very pleased with the results I got after acupuncture. I was 94.6kg and in 10 days I lost 6.6kg. I am now 88.0kg. Thanks, (Fatema)

I have had great success at loosing 3 stones in weight after a course of treatment – I have acupuncture and herbal tablets. I have increased exercise
Thanks for the great massage & acupuncture (Mike).

Acupuncture for neck & arm pain

When I first visited the clinic my neck hurt constantly and I had pain radiating down my arm into my fingers, making them feel numb. These symptoms had been with me for around 6 months and had not responded to weekly physio. I have had around 6 acupuncture and massage sessions. I now have no pain in my arm. The pain in my neck is much less and I am going back to work after being on sick leave for 3 months. Thank you (C Coffrey).

Acupuncture for back pain

I’ve had a bad back for over ten years. The tablets the Doctor gave me didn’t seem to work anymore. So I decided to try acupuncture.  After 2 weeks my back improved a lot, excellent. (Gier)

Chinese Medicine for Arthritis

Following my course of treatment, the pain of arthritis was subdued and I now suffered no pain and am able to walk downstairs with no discomfort and in a normal fashion instead of one stair at a time. I feel calmer towards my weight problem, exercise with myself and am at peace with my world. Thank you. (Katherine)

Chinese Medicine for Infertility

Big thanks to Dr Tang for all your help in helping to regulate my body. As you know I was having a lot of problems conceiving and with regular acupuncture – I managed to achieve my goal – will be back in 5 months with my little one …Thank you again.

Acupuncture for Stress

Following a ruptured ulcer I came for treatment to stop stress. It works and I have more control & work more effectively.

The treatment is like spending a day in the sun on the beach …Great. (Kevin).

Acupuncture for skin disorders

I tried for 12 months conventional medicine for my skin condition (must have tried 5 different creams from the doctors). I decided to give the Chinese Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine a try. After a course of treatment skin condition cleared up nicely plus benefits of generally feeling less stressed etc. I should have tried ….very impressed. Highly recommend treatment (Michael).

At the beginning of the year 2020, just noticed an unusual growth on my temple.  I got it diagnosed by GP who sent me to see a specialist at dermatology department.  The growth was diagnosed to be a Basal Cell Carcinoma.  I need it to be removed by a surgeon. 
Unfortunately, coronavirus made it impossible for me to have the operation.
I decided to have acupuncture treatment and found Beijing TCM Clinic.  Within ten weeks, the growth had disappeared! I got much better energy levels and my skin feels nice and soft.  I am very happy to have been treated by Lee.  Always relaxed and comfortable. ( R. Bennett)

Acupuncture for Bell’s Palsy

The acupuncture and herbs have had an amazing effect in successfully treating my Bell’s Palsy!

Exceptional service and excellent results! I can now move my face! Many thanks for your care and attention. (Patrick)

Chinese Medicine for addictions (smoking and alcoholism)

I had a drink and smoking problem for 10 years; tried to control myself without success. From my very first visit to Dr. Tang, I felt almost immediate effect. With acupuncture and herbal medicine given, I feel I have gained physical, mental and emotional strength and wellbeing. I have been amazed myself how much I feel improved. I have not had alcohol or cigarettes for three weeks now. My energy and self-confidence feels restored. This is something previously I could not imagine. I am feeling stronger by the day, my sleeping is greatly improved and I feel great calmness – and extremely happy!

I am very grateful indeed to Dr. Tang and his colleagues and their wonderful skills – I will always feel this gratitude and want to say thank you so much. (Maine-Louise)

Acupuncture for inducing labour

After 2 treatments, I was 12 days overdue with my 2nd baby and desperate not to be induced! The day after acupuncture, I went into labour naturally. It was quick, painful, but manageable. And now I have our 2nd beautiful daughter!

Thank you! (Claire)


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